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EKT club

Here you can join the EKT Club, an open club for all horse-happy children, young people and students at EKT, parents, guardians and volunteers in general. Membership is free. There are several types of membership you choose based on what you want to experience. You can have multiple member types at the same time.

You must be a member of the EKT Club to be a tenant in the roundabout, the therapy owner, the Stallpot and to join the Stall gang.

What is the ECT Club?

The EKT Club is a club for all equestrian students and other guardians and helpers who want to participate in the riding school and events at EKT.


  • The EKT Club shall contribute and facilitate training in all branches of horse riding and use, handling and care of horse and horse equipment.
  • The EKT Club will help to gather equestrian students and horse enthusiasts
  • EKT Equestrian School and Animal Park and facilitate a good social environment and shared experiences in the stable.
  • The EKT Club will help to integrate the disabled with the disabled through shared experiences in the equine environment.
  • Certain types of membership require a certain activity if you want to keep it.

How to become a member

Send us personal info listed below and write what type of membership you want. Use e-mail

Please send this information to us

  • Full Name
  • date of birth
  • Email (a valid address we can reach you at when something happens. Max 1-2 times per month)
  • Postal address (for sending membership cards to those who are not on ECT as often)
  • Phone number
  • If you are a course student (get what course you ride, day and time)
  • If you are already a permanent therapy owner (include the day and time you hire)
  • If you already rent in the roundabout (state which day and time you rent)
  • Which type (s) of membership you want. Pick from the list below

You can choose from one or more of these member types

  1. Therapy owner, fixed Tuesday and / or Wednesday
    Anyone who is already regular helpers in therapy automatically becomes a member of the ECT Club. From December 15, 2013 must be a member to rent the therapy.Assistants in therapy riding are trained in horse handling and guidance in all gaits, saddling, proper use of equipment and how the horse can function as the four-legged physical therapist. You commit to attend up to the scheduled time each week (Tuesday and / or Wednesday) during the riding school's course period. Helpers receive one riding lesson once a week to develop their skills. Riding hours are Wednesdays at. 15.15 (tour) and Sundays at 16.15.
  2. Rents in the roundabout, stuck on weekends
    Anyone who is already regular helpers in laps will automatically become a member of the EKT Club. From 15.desember 2013 you must be a member in order to rent in the roundabout.
    Auxiliaries in lap riding are trained in guiding, saddling and handling of horses and general supervision of horses. You commit yourself to attend up to the agreed time on the weekend / weekend you have signed up as a renter. Tenants for the roundabout will sign up on the list that hangs at the white infographic board in the stable. Rental times are from 11-14 or from 14-17. After three hours of renting (continuous, including small breaks), the helpers receive one riding time (cross hour) on the same day they have rented. The riding lesson will develop the riders' skills in handling horses and riding. Riding hours are Saturdays at 17 and Sundays at 17.NOTE: The tour is seasonal and the need for renters will vary. In winter there is less need for renters. In the winter we therefore make reservations about the winding-up of cross-country on Sundays.
  3. Riding Course Pupil
    Anyone riding an EKT course can join the EKT club. You will be offered the opportunity to attend courses, events, competitions and training hours in various teams related to equestrian and horse riding. You will get information about social services in the stable environment.
  4. Parents and guardians, voluntary assistance
    Parents and guardians who want to contribute, experience and learn general handling and supervision of horses, care of animals and maintenance of barns and stables. EKT has a variety of tasks when we conduct various events such as horse riding events, student performances, day trips, competitions, shows and other family events where parents can contribute and participate.
  5. Volunteer helpers in general (not required to be a student / child at the riding school)
    Volunteer helpers who will contribute, experience and learn general handling and supervision of horses, care of animals and maintenance of barns and stables. EKT has a variety of tasks when we conduct various events such as horse riding competitions, student performances, day trips, competitions and shows where volunteers can contribute and participate.

membership Cards

All members receive a membership card showing the type of membership. You can have multiple memberships at the same time. The membership and membership card is personal. No binding time beyond those who have fixed appointments and tasks (Therapy owners and assistants in the roundabout).

Welcome to an inclusive, educational and inspiring stable environment at EKT!

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