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The fundraising we started through has ended and the money from your donors has been credited to your account. Everything is used to pay the running costs of the livestock and barn. We could not stay up today without the support of private donors and a large group of volunteers who do away with much of the practical stables.

Again, we must extend a HUGE THANK YOU to the commitment you have shown. It is absolutely overwhelming! THANK YOU for your contribution. THANK YOU for your support. THANK YOU for the signal you send out that EKT is important to you and others.

We are struggling to get through the crisis. The good news is that the riding school has been able to open again. Starting next week is all our riding offers started again. Pet park we are open every Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 11am to 15pm, but pools of 50 at a time inside the animals.

Welcome to us and good long weekend!