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The zoo where the animals go loose - finally open every day!

We have 10 different kinds of animals that walk freely in the area or in a fence where you can enter. We want people of all ages to experience our pets up close and learn about them.

With us you can greet horses, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, geese, chickens, peacocks and various types of swimming birds.

EKT Livestock Park is located in the middle of Ekebergsletta, a green oasis 10 min from downtown Oslo. Ekeberg is a popular outdoor area with offers all year round.


Photo: Images by Dominika

The day program is designed for young children and included in the entrance fee.


Join educational and exciting family activities about and with the pets. All activities are organized for children from 2-12 years with adult.

You can follow along Our Facebook page and see all upcoming events, or see our activity calendar.

Single Hours for Kids - Offer not available during school holidays

Tour for Beginners Saturday at 11-12: From 5 years onwards. Horseback riding in the Ekeberg Forest. Everyone must bring their own rents to their horse even if you have previous riding experience. Weather conditions in bad weather and difficult conditions.

Open hour (single hour) Saturday at 15-16: From 5 years onwards. Open hours are an offer for all beginners. The riding lesson takes place on a riding course with a qualified riding instructor. Everyone must bring their own rents for the horse even if you have previous riding experience.

Read more about Trip for beginners and Open hours

Enrollment in one-hour lessons

Submit a request for space or call us at 22199786. You do not have room until you have received a confirmation from us.

You can experience all this in the Zoo - every day, all year round

goat farm

The goat farm is in the middle of the yard and has a climbing frame where the goats like to be. Our goats go together in a herd of goats, goats and kittens. They are social, kind and fun animals.

chickens farm

The chickens are tame and will come quite close to you. We have many different chicken breeds that lay eggs for us to eat. In spring and summer, the peacock's hands are especially beautiful with their fantastic tail feathers. They are smart animals that are exciting to get in touch with.

rabbit farm

Kids love to cuddle with rabbits. But rabbits are quite shy and need a lot of calm to avoid stress. Therefore, there is a limited number of people who can go in to them. Follow the instructions on the spot. We arrange Kanincamp on announced dates.

Bird pond

The swimming birds are completely dependent on water, and wash every day in the pond or in the small swimming pool we put out. We have several types of swimming birds that use the bird pond all year long, as long as there is no ice.

The stables

Join in and see where the horses live. Most horses like to look at people passing by. But if it turns away, leave it alone. The livestock also live in the old stable at night.

Café and heating room

Cafe Spis Sunt is located at the main entrance selling fresh, home-made pastries, soup, baguettes, sausages, coffee, ice cream, mineral water etc. On the second floor above the new stables you will find a heating room with play corner for the smallest children. Bringing food can be eaten in the heating room.
Opening hours and menu

Rest areas

We have resting places where you can eat brought food. But keep in mind that your food is tempting to loose animals, so be careful. Both pig, sheep and goat will smell the food and try to get hold of it. We recommend eating in the area at the main entrance which is animal free area.

Tractor Court

Small John Deere tractors with excavator and trailer available for small "farmers in the city". Small road signs and a fun barn bridge with tunnel to drive through. For children from 3-7 years.

Trampolines, stilts, dumbbells and slides

We have several trampolines, stilts, dumps and a slide in the area. The play equipment is for the kids. Trampolines are not available in winter.

Wheelbarrows, brooms and spades

In the yard there are small wheelbarrows, brooms and spades for the smallest children. They think it is fun to empty the muck in their own muck bins under the stairs.


Horseshoeing is a fun activity for young and old. One stands behind a line and throws horseshoes on a metal stick, points to the one who hits. Fits everyone. Horseshoeing is closed when riding lessons are in progress.

Animal trails and rebus

In our area you will find an animal trail and rebus divided into six different items. In our brochure you will find the answer sheet. Can you handle all the questions about our animals? Suitable for children from 4-14 years.

This is how you deal with loose animals

  • Let the animals come to you, do not follow them if they leave you. Release free animals that will come loose from humans.
  • Intervene if someone kicks, punches or beats an animal. Report to EKT's staff if help is needed.
  • If the cow goes too far, the animals will signal dissatisfaction and eventually say goodbye. Wild animals will usually walk away from you.
  • Adults are responsible for taking care of their children so that the animals are not bothered or the children are harmed.
  • Keep all food away from the animals in the yard. We recommend eating in an animal-free area at the cafe at the main entrance or in the heating room on the second floor.

Kindergarten visits throughout the year

Kindergartens can visit the Animal Park during opening hours 10-17.30 (17 in winter). The zoo is a living paradise for young children up to one year of age. Even the smallest ones enjoy the contact with animals.

kindergarten Visit

Kindergartens are welcome all year from 10!

Christmas fun for kindergartens