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Come and get the good Christmas atmosphere in the riding house at Ekeberg

It is practiced and trained, because soon it is time for horse shows - the big Christmas party at EKT where students from the riding school make shows! Bring family, friends, old and young and enjoy good, close and unique entertainment on Saturday 7. or Sunday 8 December.


Subject to changes

15: 05-15: 15
Lucia - riding Lucia in a moody procession with embellished ponies and children
15: 15-15: 25
Kvadriljeridning - great precision riding in pairs where the riders mirror each other
15: 25-15: 30
Terapiridnig - Demostration of the therapy lives of horses
15: 30-15: 40
Horse Gallop - a real mini run with small ponies in full milling!
15: 40-15: 45
Horseback riding - showing riding without equipment, only a simple neck ring is on
15: 45-15: 50
voltige - gynmatic for horses! Resilient balance art on horseback
15: 50-15: 55
Parhopping - show in leap where horses jump in pairs in pairs
15: 55-16: 00
Attempt Parade, we light the Advent wreath, sing and shout at Santa
Free pony riding for the kids around the Christmas trees and a Christmas bag from Santa for the kids! (all children receive a coupon at the entrance)

The athletes are students at the riding school from all levels.

The show lasts about an hour, but set aside time to enjoy your visit with Santa down the rides.

Remember to dress well and warmly!

Cafe and sales stalls

Homemade cakes, coffee and other drinks are served in the heating room. We take cards and Vipps.
There will be sales of sweaters, jackets and other effects for riding with the EKT logo.
There will be a sale of gift vouchers and discount cards to the Zoo and laps.


Pre-sale of tickets at is in progress.
> Shop for Saturday 7.des at 15
> Shop for Sunday 8.des at 15

Tickets are also sold at Ticketmaster's outlets at Oslo Spektrum and Oslo Visitor Center.

Tickets can be purchased at the door starting at 14.00 on the actual show day if there are more seats available.
Tickets cannot be purchased in advance at EKT.


> More pictures and information here