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We at EKT Equestrian School and Animal Park are dedicated to safeguarding our customers' safety in all areas. We treat all information we receive from customers or about customers confidentially. Employees at EKT Equestrian School and Animal Park who process information about students for equestrian physiotherapy are required to maintain confidentiality and have also signed a secrecy statement.

We use and record personal data only to the extent necessary. We do our best to keep registered personal information accurate and up to date.

Customer information and related documents are stored in an internal, shared data storage system. Access for employees is limited to administrative processing and necessary justified internal exchange.

We use electronic communications, including e-mail, to communicate with clients and other third parties. Unfortunately, there is always a certain security risk associated with electronic communication.

To meet information security requirements, we use professional antivirus and firewall vendors. EKT Equestrian School and Animal Park is not responsible for any losses due to viruses, accidents, errors, defects, damage, downtime or the like by electronic communication beyond the responsibility of the service providers.

All our customers are entitled to access, correction, deletion and restriction in the personal data registered with EKT Rideskole and Husdyrpark. Questions about this are addressed in writing to EKT with full name.

If you have any questions regarding the processing of personal data, these can be directed to EKT Equestrian School and Animal Park.