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Equipment and riding clothes

Rules and recommendations for equipment and riding clothes for regular riding lessons at riding school and for competitions.
Students can borrow a riding helmet on EKT for the first riding lessons. We encourage students to buy their own helmet eventually. Approved riding helmets are required at all riding courses and riding lessons at EKT.
EKT has a lot of riding without a saddle, so the footwear must sit well on the foot (not rubber boots).

When students are riding on stirrups, it is important to have the right footwear. We recommend riding boots or riding shoes with leg caps. Shoes with low heel and good ankle support can also be used.

At beginner level, no riding pants are needed. You can use a tight-fitting trouser that does not slip into the saddle. Avoid seams that may gnaw when in contact with the horse / saddle.

Riding trousers are recommended when riding on courses.

On the upper body, the rider should wear lightweight, tight-fitting clothing without a hood or large collars / scarf. The rider should preferably wear long-sleeved sweater or jacket. It is an advantage of layer by layer if the rider should get warm.

A general rule is to dress according to the weather and your own needs.

Riding gloves or mittens are used as needed. In the winter, students must have this.

Mobile phones and keys should not be stored in your pocket. These can be given to riding instructors before the hour.
The student wardrobe which is next to the riding hall can be used for changing clothes and storage while the riding lesson is in progress.

Renters for beginners must put their bags and bags in the wardrobe or hang valuables on the pegs in the corner inside the riding house.

During competition, the rider must wear a specific outfit. The outfit should consist of

  • Black riding boots. In lower classes on riding school rallies, you can use dark, low riding shoes with leg caps. Spores should not be used unless EKT has given special permission.
  • Light riding breeches (white / cream colored).
  • White shirt or high neck sweater (lower classes). Calf cross with needle can be used in dressage.
  • Riding jacket that must be black or dark blue. Up to class MA dressage you ride with riding jacket, in classes above MA, coat is used.
  • White or light riding gloves.
  • A helmet of an approved type is required in classes up to and including MB level.

Fleece jackets with EKT logo

Good, practical and comfortable for stables and riding. We now have two types of fleece; one thick for winter and one thinner for summer or for wearing another jacket.


The jackets can be ordered on E-mail
Enter the full name and telephone number in the order, as well as size, color and number.

All jackets automatically come with an embroidered EKT logo on the chest.
The jackets must be paid for in advance. EKT will contact you when the order is sent.

The jackets can be tested on EKT by arrangement.

WAY NOR thick fleece

Str: XS-XL
colors: Red, purple, light blue, light gray and turquoise
Price: 499 DKK

YOU thin fleece

CHILDREN SIZE: 4/6, 8/10, 12/14
colors: Red and royal blue
Price: 250 DKK

YOU thin fleece

ADULT size: S, M, L, XL
colors: Pink, purple, red and royal blue
Price: 279 DKK