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summer Offers

After having to stay closed for three months, EKT now has an extended offer this summer.

Close contact with livestock

The zoo is now open all days with lap riding for children from 1-12 years. Here you get a day ticket and can walk around and greet all the animals that go free in the area. They are available in enclosures that you can go into and are used to with pats and close contact.

This summer holiday you can also vacation birthday in the zoo (alt. 1) and join Farm day for the whole family with goat herding.

Farm day and goat herding

Extra offers for all families with children who are vacationing in Oslo and are looking for unique and close experiences with animals!

Children's birthday in the Zoo

Add a birthday to our cozy, safe crying environment!

Peacock in the spring

The animals on ECT

In the Animal Park we have about 10 animal species at any one time.

Riding individually and in groups

This summer we offer, among other things, single lessons, seat training, riding and riding lessons with cavalry work and easy track jumping. EKT has well qualified equestrian teachers and equestrian physiotherapists.

Customized experiences for companies / groups

EKT can collaborate with the customer to create good experiences here at EKT, among all our animals and horses.


Contact the office directly on telephones (weekdays between 10 and 14), to hear more about our offers. Due to layoffs and reduced staffing, we have reduced the capacity to respond to mail. Otherwise, see our website and facebook for more information on the offers.

EKT has ten different animal species. Including newborn goats, two calves, and a flock of lamb.

Welcome to fine animal and riding experiences with us!

Rules for everyone staying at EKT